A person running the Farm for our Lives booth at a farmer's market

About Us

Farm For Our Lives is a micro farm that grew out of Korrie & Robert’s love for farming, community and each other. In 2021 we moved our farm to the beautiful banks of the Alsea River. We use sustainable farming practices that focus on soil health to produce high yields of Non-GMO nutrient dense produce. Other market offerings include bouquets, pastured pork cuts, pasture raised chicken eggs, jams and seasoned salts.


All of our products are GMO-free, resulting in healthier, nutrient-dense produce.


We conserve water and practice low-till farming to ensure our practices leave the land better than we found it.


By supporting local, you help us reduce our community's carbon footprint by cutting down on food miles and imports.

A picture of flowers growing in a field, with sun shining into the camera